Alliance of Glycobiologists

2011 Pre-application Conference Call - Conducted September 9, 2011

Updates for proposals can be sent in PDF format to the Scientific Review Officer (SRO) until March 5. A maximum of 3 pages is allowed with no more than one full page of text. Please see the Review Criteria file to the right for submitting to the SRO.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are F&A costs from subcontracts included in the $350K direct cost limit?

A. F&A costs from subcontracts do not apply to the direct cost limit.


Q. Can subcontracts incorporate some of the set aside cost for Network Collaborative Project Funds in their budget(s)?

A. No, the set aside funds can only be carried by the parent application.


Q. Are we required to submit a Multiple PI proposal?

A. No, you may submit a single PI proposal.


Q. How should a Multiple PI proposal be formatted?

A. For institutions/organizations proposing multiple PDs/PIs, visit the Multiple Program Director/Principal Investigator Policy and submission details in the Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded) Component of the SF 424 (R&R) Application Guide.


Q. If diagnostic markers can be used to stratify patients, will this application fit with the objectives of the RFA?

A. It is likely that diagnostic markers can serve other purposes but the main thrust of the research should be to develop biomarkers for early detection or diagnosis or to develop prevention strategies. Depending on the type of cancer distinguishing aggressive from indolent lesions to avoid over diagnosis of cancer also meets the objectives of this RFA.

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Last updated: 28 February 2012